Sunday, February 23, 2014

Back at it

Well, I am back after a wonderful break. My youngest is in kindergarten now and I have a bit more time for fun and creative outlets. Next year she will be in school FULL TIME and I decided now is my time.

Make it happen. 

Have fun while doing it.

Do what you love, what you enjoy. 

Yep, I can do that! 

I figured, why wait? I've had experience and feel confident enough now that I can make this into something. I mean, I have been thrifting long before Macklemore told me it was cool. I already wore my grandma's clothes, costume jewelry, loved her style. I adore an estate sale, and not to resell things, but for the stories they tell. I love seeing the potential in old furniture, or decorating with unusual found objects.

I also love creating. Pinterest has been the best and worst thing to happen to me since I joined 6 long years ago. I know many of you agree with me. I've had more "I can do that!" moments than I can count, and I can also blame that same site with the 5 pounds that won't leave, despite all of my fitness inspiration pins:).

So follow me on this journey! You can expect many crafty tutorials, pictures of my vintage and antique finds, along with pictures of pieces I am refinishing and selling.

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