Monday, September 13, 2010

A "what should I do?" post

I completely think that someone needs to have an "I am stumped, help me!" party where you link to the problem areas of your home that you have decorating block over. Wouldn't that be fun?

I have a few of those and I need some help. Any opinions would be highly appreciated!

For starters, I bought this below for our big open blank kitchen wall. I think it will look pretty great painted white and distressed, but is that all I should do on this wall?

I LOVE the green, but our kitchen is light blue so it has to go.
This is our downstairs bath, it is small and has no natural light. It is currently a cream color and I am thinking about using this Jessie Wilcox Smith print as the focal point. It was a $3 find so I am not completely committed to it.
And lastly, for now, is the ugly space over our counter in the kitchen. I have red accents throughout the kitchen but am thinking about painting things white. I don't know:). Oh, and aren't those countertops grand, haha!

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