Monday, December 13, 2010


A while ago I may have mentioned that my super duper handy husband was making my oldest a dollhouse bed. Well, it is done...and in her room!!!! I can't believe that we finished it. It was a lot of work on his part with a little bit of help from me. I painted it after all! Add to that helping him carry it up the stairs (plus a whole lot of curse words and sore muscles for days after) and I can say that at least 30% of it was me. Oh, and did I mention that it fell on my head and I managed to black out a few times that day? Fun times, haha!

Anyway, without further ado....the bed.

Already filled with all of her stuffies.

The Christmas post

Also known as the most picture heavy post ever:). That is what happens when it has been over 2 weeks not blogging! I have a lot to catch up on.

My favorite guy (isn't he handsome???) and my two favorite girls.

 Here are our attempts at a Christmas card photo. About 200 shots and 1 semi good one! Thank goodness for digital:)!

 This is the one I finally settled on after getting tired trying. The lighting is off but their expressions are beautiful!

Matilda, love her!

 And now to the tree. I adore our tree and it's family feel. It isn't fancy ribbons and bows, silver and gold, or adorned with fake flowers. It is filled with us.

My favorite ornament hand painted by my Nana. Three angels singing.

Another hand painted favorite. This was her signature Santa.

The year that my sister passed away I found three of these angels at Goodwill. My sister loved angels and there was one for each of us three sisters. It was meant to be. 
Merry Christmas to all!

On the 2nd day of Christmas...

my true love gave to me. Two turtle doves. This always seemed a bit redundant to me, I mean, more birds? Okay then, let's go with it.

So, I am in love with this dress! Isn't is pretty? It's from Belle Mere Belle Fille on Etsy.

And because I love Waldorf dolls...this one from Listice's shop.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

On the 1st day of Christmas...

I love this time of year, but this year I have been a bit down. Which means for me more eating and baking, and more shopping. Or going to the mall and doing both. Anyway, I need to blog, it makes me happy to get comments and know that I have that connection to at least a few people.

Last year I did the 12 days of Christmas, but I think I started with the drummers drumming...maybe an attempt to reverse Christmas? Anyway, this year I am doing it right!

Let's start, shall we? On the 1st day of Christmas my true love gave to me...a partridge in a pear tree! Yippee!

I love this print by Cozyblue. Does it have a partridge? No. A pear? Nope...but it is a tree:)!

This is a cute pattern from Annie's Room.

Oh, and how about this gingerbread pear tree shown on Craftzine? Amazing!

Lastly, this pie from Taste of Home. It looks tasty, no?