Friday, August 22, 2014

THE Estate- Part 2

Here are some more pictures, an overload, of the most fabulous estate EVER! They are having a sale Labor Day weekend, everything is priced to sell. Prices will be firm, but very fair. They are selling their mother's estate to pay for her care. Truly an amazing, loving, bonded family. 

Please come by!
Labor Day weekend 2014

Friday, August 29th
Saturday, August 30th

23450 E Phillips Place
Aurora, CO 80016

The collections have since been moved downstairs, since they are selling the house and need it properly staged.

Cash or credit only, and please due to the stairs, no small children:). 

So, onto the pictures....

Let's start with the kitchen!

Next is the laundry room that housed a fantastic collection of Black Americana.

Then we opened the cupboards in the laundry!

Onto the Western Bathroom...

And the Doll themed guest room...

Train bathroom?All aboard!

Snow White collection, wow!

Then we have another room that housed many mini collections!

And the dining room, which houses Waterford, Depression Glass, Hummel, Josef Birthday angels, and much more!

If anyone knows anything about the busts, one with pink hair, please let me know!

Onto the basement...brace yourselves!

 And the garage!