Sunday, August 29, 2010

Moss covered monogram- tutorial

I love how this turned out...and I love the price even more. The whole thing cost me less than $5, thank you Dollar Tree:).

Here is what you will need:

*12" letter- mine was from Hobby Lobby and was $1.99, near the unfinished wood products.
*paint- I used spray paint, Krylon's oil rubbed bronze.
*Spanish moss sheets- from the Dollar Tree. I used 2 sheets.
*Ribbon of your choice- for the letter shown I used 48" total, 24" on each side. The Dollar Tree has this too!
*Hot glue gun

Step 1:
Paint your blank letter and let it dry.

Step 2:
Get out your moss sheet and dry letter.

Step 3:
Cut the moss in the shape of the letter. I needed two sheets due to the width of the "M". I would imagine other letters may only needs one sheet. Now learn from my mistake. I put the moss under the letter and free cut around the letter. The BETTER way to do this would be to hot glue the sheet(s)to the front of the letter then turn it over and cut around it. Duh!

Step 4:
Examine the back of the letter and trim as needed.

Step 5:
Attach the ribbon. Fold over first then glue pretty side up on the back of the letter. You are going to want to glue the ribbon near 45 degrees to avoid puckering once the bow is tied.

Step 6:

Hang it on your door (or anywhere) for all to admire!


~Brandy~ said...

Very cute idea - I was just looking at some letters at JoAnn's yesterday and thinking about getting some but wasn't too sure what I'd do with them.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I love this idea. Yours turned out great. Thanks for sharing.

Suzanne@thriftstoredecorjunky said...

What an excellent idea! ooking forward to trying this myself...

Thanks for sharing!

Beth said...

Great photo tutorial! I was drawn to your post because of the letter M. Clever idea. Thanks for sharing. It looks so beautiful.

KasiaJ said...

Looks great! I did something similar earlier this year, but used the natural sheet moss- wish I'd used this stuff, it would've been a lot neater.

Amanda said...

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Michmashed said...

I really love this! I'm crazy about letters and numbers too! Thanks so much for sharing this.

Michmashed said...

I love the naturalness of moss and I'm crazy about letters! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

Regina Moore said...

Very cool! I have never heard of Spanish Moss sheets! So neat!

melissa said...

Thanks Amanda!

And thank you to all that commented on this! I just love how it turned out.

blessedmomto8 said...

Now THAT is cool! LOVE IT!

Susan said...

I'm now following your blog and have featured your DIY Moss Covered Monogram tutorial on my blog! Stop by sometime and hope to add you as a follower of my blog! THANKS!!! Susan @ The Sectret to Having it All

Anonymous said...

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