Monday, April 28, 2014

A vintage tour- our Master Bedroom

Thank you for joining me on this tour of our home. Here we are going to take a look into the room that most people never see. It's the room that is the most mysterious, the one that even your young children feel is sacred. Your guests may want to see it, they may even peek in the doorway, but they would never walk in! Silly, right? It is, after all, just a room. 

Our master started as a country blue disaster. It was wallpapered in a tiny heart pattern and covered in country blue shag carpet. No kidding, in the real estate listing, one of their selling points was "sink to your knees" carpet. Ick.

We took out the carpet and put in beautiful hardwood floors. In one afternoon I took down the popcorn ceilings and we replaced that with this gorgeous bead board ceiling. Add to that a chair rail and a coat of lovely chocolate paint (Clinton Brown HC-67 by Benjamin Moore) and you have the makings to a great master.

So, let's begin:


Sitting area:

Our room isn't that large, and I am ashamed to say that this chair replaced an ironing board that was a permanent fixture in our room for the past 12 years.

I found this chair at Goodwill years ago for $5. I am pretty sure that it was also a 50% off day, but I don't want to brag:). I passed on the additional chair and the couch, and am still beating myself up over it!

Here is our 1800's dresser that we inherited from my in-laws.  
Please notice that I did not take time to declutter this dresser, this is how it looks everyday. It's functional. 

Look closer though:

Here I use an old edition of Gone With The Wind to give our mirror some height.
I also display some treasured family heirlooms. I was given a oversize set of worry beads from my Greek great-aunt, that I drape over the mirror. 

Adorned on the beads is another treasure. My great-grandma's cameo. I never met my great-grandmother Charlotte, but I am so happy to have something this lovely of hers. My daughter, Charlotte Jane, will one day inherit this beauty.

Here is a great example of old and new. Our bed is Pottery Barn, and I love it, although it is no longer available. Our wall lights are Ikea Arstid, $14.99. Bedding is all Target, Threshold pinch pleat duvet (pillow shown), the quilt is also Target (no longer available, found in the clearance section).
The wall scroll is a lovely estate sale find that I painted white, distressed, and stenciled with the letter M.

Of course, I have to point out the dress form, a Craigslist find. I love it, although it would be better if it was less buxom and more hippy like me! 

I also inherited some lovely artwork from my stepdad's side of the family. I tried finding out about the artist, they are signed, but haven't had much luck. It doesn't matter. I love them (even if they do have freakishly long and misshaped legs)! 

My stepdad also had this lamp on his desk and although most people might think it is unappealing, I had to have it! With a little fix it was good to go. 
Lastly, I have a vintage music stand, that I use as a picture holder. I must not take proper credit for this. I saw this in a Martha Stewart Living about 10+ years ago. She attached 2 frames together with hinges, and I just went for 1 (keeping it simple). 

If you'd like to see more ways to give your home a vintage feel, please head over to One King's Lane and check them out!

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