Monday, June 2, 2014

Easy business card holder

I'm a fairly social person, who is just in the beginning stages of my business, and I am making A LOT of contacts. I noticed that I either didn't have any of my cards on me or I had to dig through a purse full of Target receipts to get to them. Really professional, right?

Oh, one more quick thing about me...I'm cheap...err...frugal:)

So I looked through one of our junk drawers (I have two because I am an overachiever, don't hate) and found an old bandaid holder. Voila, instant business card holder. It happened to be Super Mario Brothers, which is totally rad in itself, but not my thing. 

So here is what I used:

Bandaid holder-metal
Gold or silver sharpie (optional)
Scrap paper
mod podge

I had to use a metallic sharpie since my bandaid holder top was curved and hard to cover with paper. So I decided instead of leaving it blue I could quickly paint it. 

If you are not rushed, you could spray paint the whole tin. That would look truly professional. I quickly colored the blue parts with the gold sharpie, and it looks amazing! 

After you are done painting any exposed metal, cut your scrap paper to size. 

Once your paper is cut, simply mod podge it onto your tin. Be sure to smooth out any bubbles and give it a nice even top coat. 

Let dry and you are finished! 

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