Monday, August 4, 2014

The most awesome estate ever

Recently I had the privilege of meeting the daughter of a woman who is downsizing her large estate. She was super sweet and the pictures that I was shown were right up my alley. All I really really needed to hear with the words "vintage Christmas". 

So I went to the house and was greeted with a smile and warm faces. I'd only briefly met her and she remembered my name. The whole family was there and it was an honor and pleasure to meet them all. Each family member was sweeter than the next. 

Hopefully we're going to bring this forward as an estate sale. It would be an amazing opportunity and honor!

So here's the pictures, brace yourselves!!!

I'll start with the front room, which had an amazing collection of Crystal, Josef figurines, and various other glassware. 

f you saw from a previous post, I collect Josef birthday angels for the girls, now they both have a set!:)

Take a look at these depression glass curtain tiebacks!

And I have no idea where these come from, but they're labeled OKC 1925 and they're fabulous!!! Please let me know if you know anything about these fabulous busts!

More fantastic glassware!

Very old Kewpie doll with string arms. 

I then walked into the living room and found more glorious items. Vintage pennants, old play horse, beautiful luggage!

My eyes then went over to the kitchen to find a fabulous Pyrex, salt-and-pepper shakers, cookie jars!!

Inside the pantry I found the most lovely light fixture! A brightly colored colander with measuring spoons hanging down. Isn't it fabulous?

Onto the first room: which had toy cars, robots, and Girl Scouts!

Next stop was the laundry room, now I know you're thinking how much can you fit in the laundry room??? 

The laundry room also housed the most beautiful collection of black Americana. 

You think you've seen all that this laundry room can offer? Just wait.

Okay, all done with the laundry room! Wait, what? Open up the cupboards you say?!?!?!

Pick me up off the floor, I just fainted!

Alright, that is just a small sampling of the first floor. Three more rooms to go upstairs and the entire basement. Stay tuned!!!!


bonnieparker80 said...

I've been on the lookout for just the right vintage suitcase and the bottom one in your stack of three might be the perfect fit depending on the size. Are you planning to sell it?

Annie Williamson said...

Oh. My. God. I want that entire collection of Aunt Jemima. Now where did I put my time machine?