Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Another fine day of thrifting

It's become a tradition on Tuesdays. I drop off Charlotte off at preschool then Matilda and I go thrifting. I love it, she loves it, and we get out of the house. Today was a good day out at Goodwill and I think I picked up some good things.

So here we go:

First I bought this retro black and white swimsuit Barbie (3 or 4 ponytail Barbie) for...brace yourselves...$50. And I can't even believe I did that. I may take advantage of the 10 day return and bring it back. I am notoriously cheap and this is WAY over my budget. Or I may try my hand at ebay and see what happens. If there are any Barbie collectors out there please advise me!
Next I bought my Marie Antoinette chair. It is inspiring, I just love it! There was a matching couch, with embroidered cushions for $10.99, and two of these chairs for $5.99. I only bought one, but would have bought the whole set if I had a place to put them. It was lovely! 

Then I bought 3 great little vintage frames with darling little prints. They may go in my daughters room or up on Etsy, that is to be determined! EDIT: the Tavern on the Green prints are now on Etsy.

Then I came home to these Livie and Luca woodland boots for Matilda. I love these so much, thanks Babysteals!

Oh, and did I mention that the girls love the chair. They climbed on it and giggled for over an hour, and I think it makes the greatest photo prop ever. 


melanie said...

Those shoes are perfect! The certainly remind me of your style. Great finds!

Heather said...

Great find on that chair!
I have no clue about Barbies, is that the original doll?

And those pictures, I found some very similar last day ago at Goodwill in Littleton. Cute!

Jennifer Ulasewich said...

OMG, I love those shoes! What size are they? I will buy them from you when you are done with them (if you want).

Jennifer Ulasewich said...

Any updates on Barbie?