Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Magnetic picture frame/ holder

Finished frame! Adore!

I LOVE this!!!! Well, not only do I love this, I am slightly obsessed with this. I hope that my obsession will last until Christmas so that I can give these out as gifts. Ok, no way that is happening, I have crafters A.D.D., no doubt. But there are bound to be some gifts that need to be given between then and now:)

Want to make your own? Here is what you need to do it! A lot of these steps can be avoided of course, like there is no need to stain OR poly if you aren't feeling it.

The list:

Wooden plaque- around 9x7
Sheet metal- I found this in my husbands shop but I saw it at Home Depot as well for less than $5 for a sizable sheet. You could easily make 10 of these with one sheet.
Tin snips- Or metal shears, less than $10.
Paint- Cheap acrylic works just fine.
Stain, and poly- completely optional but I think ebony stain always looks nice.
Liquid Nails- or some other really strong glue.

Start with your unfinished plaque
Paint it with your choice of paint and let dry.

Lightly sand and stain if desired.
Wipe off the stain, add another layer if desired.
For Pete's Sake WEAR GLOVES! Go and buy yourself a cute pair:)
And pay attention to the nearly 2 year old sitting right in front of you the entire time drinking your iced coffee!
Poly if desired, and you have the patience and time to let it dry.
Cut your metal to fit, mine was a bit over 5x7.
Use Liquid Nails to affix the metal to the plaque.
 Add weight to the top and let sit to dry.
And...drumroll please...the finished product!

The holder is from Hobby Lobby, 50% off so I think it was $2.50. The ribbon I had on hand from my monogram door hanger. The magnets I made! The wood button I had left over from when I made my own wooden buttons, the 2 flowers are coverted from vintage earrings I had lying around, and the glass magnet I made from magazine clippings. I may put a tutorial up on magnets too, although I am pretty sure most know how to do this and I was the last to figure it out!

Oh, and come tomorrow there is an even EASIER version of this so keep an eye out for that!

What do you think?


Bella said...

so cute, I like it a lot! I agree these would make great gifts!

Lindy said...

i love this idea. I think it would make a great Christmas present!!! I'm taking notes...