Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Black and white subtle Halloween

This year I wanted at least one room to not scream "little kid Halloween". You know what I mean, I am talking the dancing ghosts that shake their booooties. Please tell me I am not the only one who has one of those. It's for the kids, I swear, haha.

So I committed my family room to this. The room where I blog on the couch and watch tv. The place where I cuddle with my girls and my husband. A place that I enjoy hanging out in.

It started off with a little bit of Wordle that I printed off with our 2010 costumes and the girls names. The second was just a fun bunch of Halloween words I put together. They are a nice simple way to decorate for the season. Add to that some Dollar Tree crows, tombstone, and a hurricane full of skulls and I think I achieved a nice simple mantle.

The massive owl is there year round, and I love her.

Here are some other touches of Halloween around the house that are a bit more subdued... for me.

Why hello there Mr Owl with a monocle. Thank you for covering up the clock who's batteries needed replacing for the last 4 years. Ok ok, so it never had batteries! 

Our foyer.

Entertain Exchange

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