Monday, October 25, 2010

A little look back

***Edit- This room was featured over at Cottage Instincts! Thanks Cindy:)***

My husband, Will, is busy building a little (big) surprise for Charlotte for Christmas. She knows what she is getting because our garage looks like "New Yankee Workshop" and Will has plans for this hung on the garage wall:

She started to ask questions about Santa as I already started using the "Santa is watching" line. Bad mama. The other night she was afraid to go to bed thinking that Santa was on the roof watching her. I had to tell her that he wasn't really real, just a nice little story that parents tell their kids, but that he is fun to believe in. Yes, I am the mom that crushed her 4 year olds childhood in order for her to not have nightmares about a bearded man on her roof. I felt pretty bad.

Of course immediately following this whole crushing she then asks me..."Mom, is God real?". Wow. I get it, it is kind of the same concept as Santa in many ways as told to children. I love how she just is so inquisitive, and I left her with a simple "yes, and he is always in your heart". She smiled and trotted back to bed.

Long story precluding to the fact that Charlotte is getting the above dollhouse bed and that means Matilda will be getting Charlotte's bed. The girls are growing up.

Which means that I am looking back at Matilda's baby room and wanting to hold onto it for as long as possible. It is pretty wonderful after all. Here are some pics of it when I just finished painting it:
"C" was for Charlotte that I just threw up there in the meantime for our yet unnamed baby girl.
 Every little forest needs its own set of mushrooms and gnomes.

 Papa Bird coming back to Mama Bird.
 A tree in the corner complete with birds, a caterpillar, an owl, and a gnome leaning up against the tree.
 The chandelier lit up at night.
 Hedgehog and squirrel on a switchplate.

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Pamela said...

Super sweet!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

can i come sleep in this room? i just love it!!! i love the walls and the animal silhouettes. it is precious!!!

anne said...

I love this precious little girls room. I wish my girls were little again. I love all the shilhouettes, it makes it look fun and yet so classy.
Thanks for stopping by my blog
creativesouthernhome.blogspot. It is always fun to meet new friends.

cindy @ cottage instincts said...

One of the prettiest little girl rooms I've every seen. You should be totally proud of yourself. Glad you got pictures before it gets changed up. My girls are 21, 19 and 16...they grow SO fast!

I featured this too :)

Glad you could Mi4M!

cranberry cottage said...

What an esquisite room! Equally balanced with colour and whimsy.

mel@livvyloowho said...

Thanks everyone, and thanks to Cindy for featuring me! How fun!

Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

Oh, this is just the most adorable room! And the curtains!!! Where did you get them? Did you MAKE them?? And your dollhouse for your little girl is going to be wonderful, she will love it. AND, your little 'button' is the most adorable I have ever seen! I just became a Follower and will be back again to visit.
Best regards,

Patty said...

Absolutely ADORE this nursery! I have a thing for silhouettes...I did a princess silhouette theme in my daughter's bedroom and a general Disney silhouette theme in the downstairs playroom. Love, love, love yours though!