Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fun day of estate sales and crafting...and a great mail day!

First for the things I made!  All are available in my Etsy shop:)
Expect a tutorial (or two) this weekend!

Mushroom trinket box with surprise gnome!  

braided fabric necklace with vintage accent

Now onto a few of my finds at the estate sale. This woman was a fellow crafter and had some useful tools for me. I also picked up plenty of costume jewelry for future pieces. Overall a great time!

Costume jewelry that I love!

A porcelain owl with a pin cushion back.

Then I found a great handmade sewing basket, it's pretty wonderful, right?

AND when I came home I had two whole packages for me. A great ending to a great day!
The first thing I opened were Charlotte's new shoes from Livie and Luca, in their yellow Holland style. I really want a pair for myself they are so precious!

Then I opened my fabric from Hawthorne Threads.  So many possibilities!


Debbie said...

Good finds! and the boots are awesome. I want a pair too but I think we'd look silly ;).

Kristen said...

I love the fabric you picked, such cute prints! I think I might need to head back over there :)
AND those boots could not be any sweeter...I wish they came in my size{well, actually that might not be so cute...but I LOVE them}.
Looks like you hit the Jack-Pot at the Estate Sale~ your costume jewelry is beautiful♥