Monday, January 25, 2010

Tutorial- braided fabric elastic headband

Browsing the $1 section of Target looking at all of the things I don't need (but want), I saw something I swore was mispriced. Nope, 6 elastic headbands for $1. I knew a tutorial was in the works. So here we go!

So gather your supplies!
Fabric scraps- coordinating or happily mismatched (I only needed 21 inches for my headband)
elastic headband
sewing machine or needle and thread

Getting started:
Step 1- Tear or cut (3) half inch strips of fabric

Step 2- Stack strips on elastic band 2 on top, one on the bottom. Sew to elastic band, front and backstitch to secure.

Step 3- Attach the band to something stable, I used my lampshade.

Step 4- Braid all the way around band, braiding the band WITH the 3rd piece. Move your clip up as needed.

Step 5- Finish the braid leaving 2.5-3 inches unfinished. I went with 3 inches for comfort.

Step 6- Repeat step 2 and securely sew the strips to the band.

Step  7- Snip off excess, at this point try it on to see how it fits. You may need to take out the stitches and bring it up a bit (and sew again) if it's too tight.

Step 8- Show off your smoking hot new headband...after taking 75 pictures of the top of your head, all of which focused on the kids behind you, the floor, or your armpit. And be proud of yourself! You did it all by yourself! Enjoy!


Ally said...

wow this is adorable!

Anonymous said...

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