Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Putting it out there

My weight that is. I figure if I post it here where someone may see it I will be held accountable in some way and more motivated to lose. So my start weight was 152, and after a week I am now 148. Now, I am not so concerned with the pounds as I am with the way I look and feel but seeing a change is nice. I am walking around the neighborhood more and we just bought an old cruiser bike that I love and want to bike all the time. Well, just a couple miles a day to be honest. But it's a start!

So I started tracking points ala Weight Watchers on my own, I haven't joined Weight Watchers. I used this formula if you are interested to do it at home also.

Weight Watchers Points Formula

1. Are you
female?- score 2
Male?- score 8
A nursing mom?- score 12

2. How old are you?
17-26- score 4
27-37- score 3
38-47- score 2
48-58- score 1
over 58- score 0

3.What do you weigh?
Enter the first two digits of your weight in pounds.
(for example, if you weight 199, you will add 19 to your score)

4. How tall are you?
Under 5’1- score 0
5’1-5’10- score 1
Over 5’10- score 2

5. How do you spend most of your day?
Sitting down? score 0
Occasionally sitting? score 2
Walking most of the time? score 4
Doing physically hard work most of the time? score 6

Now add them all together and that’s your daily total. 

My total is now 22, down from 23 a week ago. Now I am not giving myself the 35 flex points that WW does, or deducting points for exercise, so I am not the best example. Something is better than nothing though, right? 

I also am using the Calorie Counter by Fat Secret application on my phone which calculates points for me and has a super cool barcode scanner to scan everything I eat. I am pretty obsessed with this application these days, but I am enjoying it! In addition to this I am using another application, Cardio Trainer, which calculates my distance walked (or ran/ biked) and wil even upload that to Facebook if you like. Just another reason why I love my new phone. 


Em said...

You are doing great, Melissa! Keep it up! A quick word about WW: The flex points and activity points are a crucial part of the WW system. You have to figure that there are roughly 50 calories per point, so this means you are currently eating 1100 calories which is too few for your current weight. The base points are the VERY low range. When you add in the flex/activity points, you get to what is considered the high end of the range. (even still, I think it's low) Part of my issue with WW was that I was practically starving myself. Once I started eating MORE calories, I started losing quicker. Also, you don't deduct points for exercise, you add them in. For a 2.5 mile, 45 minute walk, you would get about 2-3 more points to eat that day. Eat your flex and activity points, girl!!

melissa said...

Thanks Em! Have I told you lately that I love you:)

Eat more, got it. It sounds weird to eat more to lose more but I think I am up for the challenge:) My current problem is carbs (albeit the good whole wheat kind)! Begone bad carbs!

Mama Hen said...

Hey there! I need to start losing weight! My friend keeps telling me to try weight watchers. Thanks for this post! I just found your blog!I look forward to following your posts! Come and visit me at Mama's Little Chick.

Mama Hen