Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My bucket list...thus far.

As I approach the ripe old age of 33 I figured I may as well start writing down some things that I would love to do. Thing is I don't like the name "Bucket List". So maybe it will be my Life Tote, or Living Pail, or how about Satchel Tally? Ok, I am way off with that last one, so I am open to suggestions:)

Anyway, here is my first draft.

Oh, and this is great fun. I encourage you to put this on your own blog, or post some of yours in the comments section!

Highway 127 Yard Sale

Austin TX Bat Bridge

Carlsbad Caverns bat viewing

Fall in New England (and hopefully see some covered bridges like this to check another off my list)
Mt Rushmore

Own an old house, one that is like a member of the family, not just a place we sleep. Something with character.

Go to Europe...see it all. We will start with castles in England.

Raise chickens

See a Broadway show in New York.

Have Christmas in a log cabin with all of my family. Wood burning stove is not an option.

Go on a ghost tour and hopefully see a ghost.

Make out with Dave Matthews, or at least have him declare his true love to me.


Kisha said...

I actually like "Satchel of Life Checklist". But I'm a dork. And I am totally with you on the last one!

Jennifer Ulasewich said...

You lost me at the end. But otherwise I liked it!

melissa said...

I got "satchel" from Alan ala the Hangover:)

Jen, I have many others that I am sure you would agree with, but they don't sing so Dave won!

Alexis said...

re: the very last on the list ... hahahahahahahaha *deep breath* hahahahahahahaha