Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Silverware / butter knife garden markers

With garden season fast approaching, I am highly anticipating my first time growing my own food. I am optimistic that I can do it. But being the crafty gal I pride myself in being, I need to make it cute too. So I have been buying any gnome I can at the thrift stores (most of which appear to be having an identity crisis with ruby red lips). In addition to buying gnomes at Goodwill I pick up butter knives that speak to me. Why? To use as super thrifty and cute garden markers! How great are these?
Here are some of the knives that I picked up, notice how they each have a space on top open for the stamps?
Notice my old marker in my cucumbers? Yes, it's a football cupcake topper!
A better close-up of my bell pepper garden marker, isn't it pretty?

So, you want to make your own? Here is how.


Butter knives from a thrift store- my Goodwill has them for 10 cents each
(forks and spoons can be used also)
1/8 inch metal letter stamp set- I got mine from Harbor Freight for $4.99
a hammer

Next you just stamp each letter into your knife. And when I say "stamp", I mean pound the crap out of it. You need to really give it some muscle. Buy extra knives and use one or two as practice. Try doing this on a concrete surface covered with a towel or on your back patio. It is loud!

That's it! Easy, right?

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