Monday, September 13, 2010

Impulse garage sale stop...

...that REALLY paid off.

On our way home from the store on Saturday I took a different way home than usual. It was 3:00 but I saw that a garage sale was still taking place. So I pull over, get the kids out, and immediately see a few things that catch my eye. I saw a white twin bed frame that was nice, I was thinking about maybe using it on the wall with a few hooks. Then I saw a hanging light that was pretty great as well. I asked what the price was and he went inside to check with his wife. Came back out and said $5 for both!!! Oh yeah, we were in business. Then I picked up a bunch of other things for $2. Yep, it was $7 well spent.

Oh, and this is linked to Southern Hospitality's Thrifty Treasures party! 

Here is the bed:
Note that it is already in our basement. Sometimes it's better not to spring things on your husband and instead sneak it out of your car unnoticed:)
Here are the other goodies:
This is a pencil drawing done by the owners sister back in 1966. She labeled it "stuffed doll". I think she is a knitted duck/ Mastryoka-ish doll, Charlotte thinks she is an owl, and Matilda thinks a penguin. Whatever she is, I know she is awesome:)
She insisted on posing with our new artwork.
Awesome 1970's craft book, cute deer plate, hanging light, set of earrings, and a plate holder thingy.
Matilda likes to inspect my purchases.
Here is the hanging light fixture. I can't wait to see the light pattern it creates once lit!

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