Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Even easier magnetic frame!

So here is the super easy version of my previous magnetic frame. I love it just the same. I already made one for my sister and plan on making some more as gifts. Really cute and just a few dollars, what could be better? Plus, it can easily be updated to match the decor of any room and can easily change with the seasons.

an 8x10 frame
Paint (if needed)
Metal 8x10 picture, from Dollar Tree
Scrapbook paper
Magnets  (I made my own)

Start with your frame and paint if needed. 

Cut your scrap paper to an 8x10 size.
Here is the Dollar Tree picture I am talking about. Pretty spiffy, eh?
A girl can dream, right? :)

Put them all together and you get this pretty end result! If you want to make it really fantastic for gift giving you could spray paint the metal pic a solid color and add some precut seasonal paper with homemade magnets! Perfect gift for any occasion!

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